Meet Our Family

My catchphrase: attitude & aptitude over experience
My favorite thing about T+Z: creating personal and professional opportunities for Brand Affiliates and the corporate team
What makes my life cheerful: family, friends, work family, & Georgia Football
Most likely to: be cheering on her kids at whatever they're doing

My catchphrase: livin' the dream
My favorite thing about T+Z: being a part of a community where everyone is accepted & encouraged
What makes my life cheerful: traveling & learning about other cultures
Most likely to: stop & pet ALL the animals

My catchphrase: DJ Airhorn
My favorite thing about T+Z: the people I work with
What makes my life cheerful: celebrating with friends
Most likely to: have an embarassing pic on my phone

My catchphrase: you going to eat that?
My favorite thing about T+Z: working with & supporting female entrepreneurs
What makes my life cheerful: my daughter, twin boys, & copious amounts of Starbucks
Most likely to: eat all the chocolate

My catchphrase: attitude is everything
My favorite thing about T+Z: the amazing T+Z home office and Brand Affiliates I get to link arms with
What makes my life cheerful: traveling, learning, and loving people
Most likely to: travel on a whim

My catchphrase: bless your heart
My favorite thing about T+Z: the spirit behind this business is giving and one of my firm beliefs is that true happiness comes from giving
What makes my life cheerful: I love to celebrate my loved ones, to laugh, sing, and dance
Most likely to: become a world traveler

My catchphrase: here’s my wonderment
My favorite thing about T+Z: the team collaboration
What makes my life cheerful: designing products that make people smile, and traveling the world
Most likely to: drink all the coffee

My catchphrase: what’s your Enneagram number?
My favorite thing about T+Z: having the opportunity to support others as they fulfill their goals & dreams
What makes my life cheerful: spending time with family, friends, & exploring new places
Most likely to: laugh through an awkward situation

The team members featured here are based at our home office in Nashville, TN. There are many more individuals that keep T + Z running behind the scenes including our Finance / Accounting, IT, Distribution Center, Purchasing / Inventory Control, Human Resources, Merchandising, Sourcing, and Quality Control departments. Together, along with our amazing Brand Affiliates, we are all able to make Tate + Zoey happen!