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Gather Stoneware Artisan Strainer

$5.50 $36.00

Add a little sunshine to your kitchen with this gorgeous handmade Gather Artisan Stoneware Strainer from Lafayette Ceramics. Perfect for straining berries and beyond. Show off your style with this blue ombre design –  so much cuter than a colander, you will want to leave it out!

  • 4.75" tall x 6.75" diameter
  • 100% Hand-Painted Stoneware.
  • Designed exclusively for Tate + Zoey by Lafayette Ceramics

About Lafayette Ceramics: After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2011, Arizona State University student, Jillian Schimmel, began researching wholesome nutrition and reflecting on what makes life worth living. The celebrations and traditions made in the kitchen, cooking or sharing a meal around the table, kept coming to mind: moments sharing food, served on and prepared with beautiful dishes to create special memories. Jillian graduated with a BFA in Ceramics, cancer free, and in 2013 founded Lafayette Avenue Ceramics. Each piece from her exclusive collection with Tate + Zoey is designed to bring you and your family beautiful dishes to create lasting memories.